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"If you missed Pepe"

Baby Pepe is ready to meet the world!

Baby Pepe #FACTS

Father: Pepe the Frog

Mother: TBC

Supply: 1 Billion

Ticker: $bpepe

Baby Pepe Roadmap

Our Vision and Milestones

Discover the journey and key milestones as we develop and grow Baby Pepe into a beloved character and brand. From token launches to the Arcade, and an animated storybook, to our very own launchpad, follow our progress here.

Phase 1:
Foundation and Launch

  • Project Conceptualization
  • Team Formation
  • Website and Social Media Launch
  • Initial Token Launch (Baby Pepe Token)
  • Baby Pepe Arcade Build
  • Community Building and Marketing Initiatives
Phase 1 Image

Phase 2:
Development and Expansion

  • Launch of the Baby Pepe Arcade
  • Build and Launch of the classic Arcade Games
  • More Community Building
  • Team Expansion
  • Building the Animated Storybook
Phase 2 Image

Phase 3:
The Storybook & Listings

  • Launch more Games on the Baby Pepe Arcade
  • Initial launch of the Animated Storybook
  • Community Contests and Giveaways
  • Partnership announcements
  • Cex Listings
Phase 3 Image

Phase 4:
Launch and Engagement

  • Development of the Baby Pepe Launchpad
  • Testing of the Baby Pepe Launchpad
  • Expansion of Baby Pepe Ecosystem (New Features and Partnerships)
Phase 4 Image

Phase 5:
Future Plans

  • Development of New Stories and Adventures for Baby Pepe
  • Continued Community Growth and Engagement
  • Launch of the Baby Pepe Launchpad
  • Exploration of Additional Blockchain Integrations
Phase 5 Image Phase 5 Image

Community and Updates

Follow us on social media for real-time updates and announcements.

We value your input! Share your thoughts and ideas with us.

The Baby Pepe Arcade

Free and Fair. Fun & Games for all Ages


Fun and Games for all Ages. Our custom games are based on classic games conceived by the Baby Pepe Team.

The Baby Pepe Arcade will be available online and free to play with family and friends.

$bpepe Token Holders:

Attention $bpepe Token Holders! Get ready for some serious fun! As we keep adding more exciting games to the Arcade, we'll also be rolling out special rewards exclusively for $bpepe holders.

Get your game faces on because high score competitions are coming your way! Compete against other players and claim your spot among the top 3 winners who will be rewarded with Sol or $bpepe Tokens.

Remember, it's not just about the game; it's about the glory!

Play Games

The Baby Pepe Story

The beginning

Playing in the Pond

Pond Wisdom

Becoming the G.O.A.T

Cleaning the Pond

Dreams Come True

Partners & Collaborators